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from the British street brand Maharishi launched a new "Tour d 'Afrique" theme series, to salute the remote and mysterious africa. The new series of the collocation patterns and colors in the West African culture, the French named culture into the series design, more rare tiger camouflage Tigerstripe Murale with presents. The new series consists of T-shirt, long sleeved tops and overalls and other single product offer. maharishi brand new "Tour d 'Afrique" series has been officially released by the online brand store, the number is limited, sold out. 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But in fact, although the monopoly Finals Adidas World Cup in Brazil will enable the highest exposure of sports equipment brand, but n Cheap foamposites for sale ot enough to fundamentally alter the overall competitive landscape of today's global sports equipment industry - in a long time with Nike PK, Adidas say winning situation is not easy. finals, an unprecedented branding When Maxi Rodriguez will Rujiasipo Xilai Sen penalty shootout goal guarded by the Dutch team, two national teams sponsored by Adidas -?? Germany and Argentina reach the final. This means that no matter what July 13 Maracana stadium happen, Adidas will become the Brazilian World Cup winner. "to sponsor two final teams, no doubt useful for enhancing the huge brand appeal," (CEO) John Global Chief Executive Officer of American advertising investment institutions? Christic representation. "Winning the World Cup, fans can arouse national team sports equipment champions where huge buying enthusiasm." Adidas football marketing director Tom? Lumsden also confident Adidas World Cup in Brazil can create "unprecedented brand effect", and this brand will be converted to sports equipment sales soared on "believes Adidas Brazil World Cup will be the most visible brand. " Adidas confidence is not groundless, because it is not for the Brazil World Cup Finals simple monopoly, but to achieve the maximum effect is almost brand in Germany and Argentina joined forces in successful teams. On the one hand, as a German company, Adidas, the German national team for the two levels of teams and players all-round package, the tournament has scored five goals in the forward Thomas? Muller and goalkeeper Man ? Manuel Neuer are Adidas arm of the star players;? On the other hand, the Argentine captain, in world football, "the first man" Lionel Messi is the core image of the Adidas World Cup sp cheap foamposites onsorship, if Argentina win the World Cup, Messi will become the undisputed best player in world football this year. This means that no matter which team wins in the finals, Adidas will greatly benefit from the brand level. "They might want Germany and Argentina is difficult to decide who will win, and finally tied for the championship," Christic joked. rival Nike suffered "appearance trough" soccer field "victory" to help Adidas Frankfurt stock market on the 10th in the overall context of declining European stock markets will be limited to 0.4% decline; in the ocean, Nike shares fell on the New York Stock Exchange has reached 1.4 %, is against the background of a football field, "some people are happy others are sad," the classic ending. In fact, in addition to the sponsorship team missed the World Cup finals in Brazil determined outside as Adidas, Nike is still the largest industry competitors on the 10th released another bad news - the company announced the upcoming opening of the 2014 to 2015 season, no longer serve as the English Premier League club Manchester United shirt sponsor, both 12-year sponsorship relationship came to an end. "cooperate with any clubs or Nike Football Association must be a win-win, the club made a new contract offer can not be expected to make Nike shareholders high returns," Nike's statement almost complain, in fact, still not satisfied with Manchester United Over the past season on a sports performance significantly decline. The same landslide also Nike football sponsorship, "the first card" Cristiano? Ronaldo. In recent years, although Ronaldo shoulder against Adidas and Nike, Macy's "vanguard", but because of the effectiveness of the Real Ma Retro jordans for sale drid club is sponsored by Adidas, Ronaldo is the national team's performance in Portugal Nike has been looking forward to and count on. However, this tournament, Ronaldo played with the injury difficult to effectively play levels, leading Portuguese group stage quickly out, almost declared the Nike World Cup "campaign" of defeat. In contrast, the Adidas World Cup in Brazil "bad news" seems to be only one, that is its sponsorship of the top players of Uruguay Luis? Suarez in the team's game against Italy mouth bite and lead the national team suspended 9 games and punished within four months allowed to participate in football-related public activities, which makes the Adidas World Cup campaign, "wandering round like a pizza bite on a mouthful." PK, football is far from the only battlefield However, compete with established contractors in the performance of the World Cup sponsor, does not mean that Adidas made a winning situation to compete with Nike, and even if it is temporary. While Adidas CEO Herbert? Heiner claimed that "Adidas is the world's undisputed number one football equipment provider," but could not confirm the performance compare with him. data show that from the 1950s began to enter adidas football equipment industry in the first half of 2014 to achieve a soccer equipment sales revenue exceeded 2 billion euros (US $ 2.7 billion) of the "milestone"; but in 1994 only involved football field, seemingly in the Brazilian World Cup defeat Nike, but in the same period to achieve a soccer equipment sales jumped 18 percent year on year success, its absolute sales revenue reached $ 2.3 billion. More importantly, football is just one battlefield Adidas and Nike competition. Fo Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale r this, early in the 2005 acquisition of Reebok, Nike officially opened the round competition front, Adidas apparently had been aware of. But nine years later, Nike is still "the world's largest sports equipment providers," Adidas advantage in the football field but instead increasingly blurred. In this context, the Adidas World Cup in Brazil battle of the victory, but will make it with Nike's full competition becomes more intense. Adidas has clearly aware of this, and therefore during the Brazil World Cup "sneak in" with the new Division NBA draft pick Andrew? Wiggins signed. But for now, if you want to rely on Adidas, Nike star good strategy to catch up, in addition to a long road before, you may also need some luck, just like the World Cup in Brazil. "Adidas will enjoy the World Cup finals," Christic said. "This is not only because it has a monopoly of the final track;. But also because it is likely to be the face of Nike, the only certainty in their winning situation for some time" (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre. Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and footwear IT) & nbsp;marks the legendary American rapper 2Pac's death 19 anniversary, Kendrick Lamar as his fans, in 2Pac & nbsp; by letter of Jinian Guan online tribute idol. is called 2Pac successors in brief letter, in addition to the first time I saw the statement 2Pac indescribable feeling, but also for future generations thanks 2Pac music brings wealth and motivation, most real grievances of the people's minds and we wish to express in a song. According to Kendrick Lamar TDE label message belongs, Kendrick Lamar will leave a memory of the first idol song so Cheap foamposites for sale on, so stay tuned.NBA Kasai means NCAA season is approaching, alliance in the elite also began to gradually release the exclusive PE, overwhelmed by lead exposure is the this pair of LeBron 13 "the Duke" PE, shoes quintana theme color of white main and with Duke University, the classic blue modified front swoosh, kind of release from the point of view, the effect is quite refreshing. source: dukeblueplanet two new Nike+ products introduced today; Nike+ basketball shoes can record the height and speed of athletes during the race. Using Nike+ trainers designed for training, you can focus on high intensity fitness training, let Nike+ record every training data for you, and compete with world class athletes. following the white green color and gray color after the first appearance, Human Race series of new shoes designed by Adidas Originals and Pharrell Williams, and the exposure of a new double color design. The photographer from @sneakerprophet_ share pictures can be seen, the new color using the "Multicolor" Primeknit knitted socks made of streamlined overshoes, colorful design plus bright yellow decorative details, showing a colorful summer style. At present, the official has not yet announced the specific name of these shoes and related sale information. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience![Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Pick the global "fight territory" once again expand. London Olympic countdown 30 days on the occasion, the President and senior representatives from New Zealand, Lebanon and other se Cheap air jordans for sale ven countries gathered in the IOC to host the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing to attend the "convergence world fighting - Seven Olympic sponsor Olympic delegation handover cum equipment Olympic strategy conference, "to help out the new Olympic Olympic development program. Conference, Olympic delegation Peak CEO Xu Zhihua and seven countries were sponsored Olympic equipment transfer, and released an ambitious Olympic Development Program. Pick want through the efforts of the two Olympic cycle, the completion of the grand enterprise of "Three hundred," the development goals in the next decade. Ninth, Tenth CPPCC National Committee, deputy director of the Education, Science and Sports Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, former deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, former Chinese Olympic Committee Vice-Chairman Zhang Faqiang, Chairman of Brand China Industry Union Ai Feng and other industry dean of Olympic ambition and solid internationalization strategy gave a high evaluation, said, "Pick a Chinese brand to the global market unearthed a new way, provides a reference sample for China to build an international sports brand." Delegation sponsored seven countries set off the London Olympic Games to create a Chinese brand history Olympic spirit of the brand is closely linked with the Olympic spirit, to support the Olympic Games, the Olympic spirit will spread its own brand to the world. On the June 27 conference, Peak CEO Xu Zhihua will carry the Olympic dream of Olympic equipment, to the representatives of New Zealand, Slovenia, Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Cyprus Olympic Committee seven countries. It is reported that the London Olympic Games, London Olympi Cheap jordans online c delegation of seven countries of all officials and athletes will be wearing clothing Olympic appearances, receiving awards and other professional equipment appear in the game London Olympics. Strong Olympic team Olympic delegation include Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania regions on four continents, while seven countries sponsoring the Olympic delegations, created Olympic history, but also broke the Chinese Olympic delegation sports brand sponsorship records, forms a Zhang powerful "morale territory." "We will use the power of influence in various regions of seven countries, increasing the Olympic brand awareness and influence in the local market, and with the London Olympic Games this big stage to show the charm of the Olympic brand and product image." Said Xu Zhihua . Pick known as the "champion partner," said, NBA this season, the new Division champion Miami Heat is the official strategic partner of Olympic, Olympic signed NBA star, he has won the championship for four consecutive years. Slovenia KOCIJANCIC JANEZ IOC President said: "In 20 years of Olympic history, has helped numerous athletes and teams completed the championship dreams hope that we can be able to borrow at the current Olympic Games champion good luck, to achieve its own Olympics. dream. " Posted global development plan leveraging the London Olympics to prove safety of the global market Not long ago, the Olympic proposed "Three hundred," the overseas market development objectives, namely: five years Olympic trademarks in more than 100 countries registered for global coverage; Pick products into more than 100 countries and regions; strive in the next 10 Overseas sales income for the year reached 10 billion yuan. In order to achieve the "three hundred" ambitious development goals, the Olympic Games to develop a detailed development plan. Pick 24 years we have grown together with the Olympics. From 1988 to begin preparations founder Jingnan shoe factories began to insist on the Olympic brand internationalization, specialization, product series development strategy, out of a basketball products as the core, a planned, step by step development of global collaboration road, creating a lot of industry attention first: the first pair of basketball shoes professional manufacturers in China, the first one appeared in the NBA's Chinese sports brand, or FIBA ??(FIBA) of the largest sponsors and Chinese basketball Equipment brand. Currently, Peak has entered more than 80 countries and regions, and registered the trademark in 160 countries worldwide, to get these countries to enter the market permits. Currently, Peak has established more than 30 overseas teams and more than 200 dealer stores, overseas revenue has accounted for 10% of the company's total revenue. China sports brand ranked first. "We hope to use the Olympics to the world's attention on the big stage, to enhance the visibility and market share of Olympic in the international market." Zhi-Hua Xu Olympic Games in the Olympic Development Program stated that "from 2012 to 2020 London Olympics 32nd Summer Olympic Games, we will further expand the international market, through the efforts of the two Olympic cycles, we are confident that in the next 10 years will be raised to the international market revenue 10 billion yuan. Meanwhile, we will use the wealth of international resources to feed the domestic market, through intensive and refinement of management and information technology standards, the company continued to maintain stability of the domestic double digit growth. " Ninth, Tenth CPPCC National Committee, deputy director of the Education, Science and Sports Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, former Chinese Olympic Committee Vice-Chairman Zhang Faqiang noted that he witnessed Pick from a regional brand to embark on the road of international development. " Pick 20 years as one day adhere to dream and unremitting efforts, comes as Chinese sports brand pride and example. " One of the earliest advocates of Chinese brand strategy, Chairman of Brand China Industry Alliance Ai Feng Olympic Olympic strategy also gave a high evaluation. "Chinese companies rarely have the internationalization as a goal such as Pick-prepared business name, trademarks, management standards, brand-building and capital operation even less." Ai Feng said, "to build a successful internationalization Brand, need long-term accumulation and the ability to adapt the highly competitive international market, the Chinese Olympic brand to go to provide a new path. " come again quadrennial Olympic Games, the Olympic delegation and the seven countries to join the Olympic Games, will leveraging the Olympic event, boosting the brand image upgrade, become the focus of China's sporting goods industry. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)now the Losangeles Dodgers Baseball player Andrew Jones is a very important player in Jordan Brand, and he can be seen from the Jordan Brand. Previously, Jordan Brand has designed for him Air Jordan 3 PE and Air Jordan 4 PE two pairs of PE shoes. Today exposed a pair of Andrew Jones's other pair of PE edition shoes, this time the shoes are Air Jordan, Force, Fusion, V, Cleat. Beautiful red white collocation is very eye-catching, embroidered with his back heel no.. These shoes haven't appeared on Jones's feet yet, but soon they'll be on these shoes. # K, B& B8 F4 U0 T7 V5 @+ _; jThis is not the continuation of last year's Jordan "CMFT" series of design contours modified into casual style shoes after the money. The Jordan brand is always trying to integrate past designs into new products, so we'll see more hybrids and shoes. What we see is the first exposure of the Air Jordan XII Runner. In 2012, the Air Jordan series of twelfth pairs of signature shoes will be fully returned. Since the Air Jordan 12, which belongs to basketball shoes, will be re engraved and inspired by the casual shoes of these shoes, Air Jordan XII Clave will also be on sale. In addition to the first two, we will also have a pair of Air Jordan designed for running shoes. The features of these shoes are covered with leather on the side of the shoe body, and inspired by the outsole design of the Air Jordan XII sole. The midsole foam material is more smooth than the Air CMFT Air Max 12 Jordan Max technology. Although the Air Jordan XII Runner in the name contains "running" means, as seen in the picture, but rather than in running over the track, you may be more willing to wear jeans and a T-shirt with daily collocation. Or extreme, dressed like Gilbert Arenas, playing a basketball game. In the summer of 2012 will be released the following three color white / Black / White / red campus, taxi yellow / black and deep gray / cool gray / white, Air Jordan XII Runner next year's sale price of $100.