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The future of the industry, accompanied by industry giants on Monday, suffered another plunge, and faces uncertainty. Monday sports industry giants share price performance: Nike Inc. (NYSE:NKE) Nike group fell 2.44%, to close at $53.61 Under Armour Inc. (NYSE:UAA) dema group fell 3.13% to close at $15.15 The Finish Line Inc. (NASDAQ:FINL) shares plummeted 10.17% to close at $9.89 Foot Locker, Inc. (NYSE:FL) shares plummeted 7.45% to close at $31.82 Dick 's Sporting Goods Inc. (NYSE:DKS) fell 1.96% to close at $26.46 DSW Inc. (NYSE:DSW) fell 0.95% to close at $15.96 Big 5, Sporting, Goods, Corporation (NASDAQ:BGFV) fell 0.67% to close at $7.45 Hibbett Sports, Inc. (NASDAQ:HIBB) fell 0.46% to close at $10.85 Adidas AG (ADS), Adidas group, U.S. stocks, depositary shares also fell 0.79% to $221.90 Nike's Air Jardon series sells poorly, avalanche sounds from the investment bank report: on Friday, the largest U.S. sports Yungong supplies agents Foot Locker, leading to In Cheap foamposites for sale c. industry quarterly collective price fell Monday, the sports goods industry listed companies once again usher in a crash, it is because the investment bank reports, especially on Nike Inc. Jefferies double cut Nike group compared to the rating and target. Monday, Jefferies Nike Inc. Nike group's rating from "buy" down to "hold", while the target price from $75 down to $65. Jefferies analyst Randal Konik wrote, the sports industry is still in the environment despite the wind, but Adidas AG (ADS.DE) Adidas group diluted the growth of other brands, although Nike Nike by strong innovation ability, but the short-term small sound around it. He also said that Nike Nike is still a strong industry top brands, but there are five major data sources show that the U.S. group's growth and profitability are at risk. Five big Randal Konik 〉 you played poker in Dezhou? if the Jinhua is a popular pastime, then Dezhou poker is Chinese upper class social daily. Tencent co-founder Zhang cheap foamposites Zhidong, Didi, OFO investor Zhu Xiaohu said, "wonderful" host Ma Dong, actor Huang Xiaoming, who only billions of investors, entrepreneurs, no wonder the stars are all Dezhou poker enthusiasts. Hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao even by Dezhou poker hiring interview. this month, meeting China's top leaders, but also by the media described as the highest standard of Dezhou poker game. Hundreds of millions of wins, is calculated, skill, mentality and luck game, the game of life is also so. I and a gifted Dezhou poker genius chatted, through his life ups, you will see the real world more brutal winning decision. single success often about your mind. because this desire is always with greed, want to want to win streak winners, losers, when fear and desire is placed on the table, will be unlimited. picked up in the hands of two cards, Boston University Department of finance China students Bernard for 0.5 seconds to be able to judge, this dish can tell. before half an hour, he has won sev Retro jordans for sale eral big POT, his money doubled 10 times, 200 thousand dollars, but he never thought that tonight's game is a matter of life and death. Just go to until Restroom, an open Porsche friend told him that the opponent is a murderer on the loose, away from the Northeast tens of millions, to play today, do not waist with a knife with blood slot, let Bernard be careful, don't give the boss trouble. he hesitated. casino in Dezhou poker on the opposite side of the bald man stared at Bernard, his hands trembling, lips trembled a two, with a strong accent urged him to "hurry, hurry up! "The mouth of a golden teeth in the dark under the chandelier, a cigar smoke shining sharp light. Bernard didn't hesitate to bet $2000, the other immediately followed. with the licensing officer when two people turn over 3 cards, he quickly calculate the other hand is small, they will greatly. As before, the other set of cards dedicated to All-in, only 2 can save the bald man in Bernard, it is Dutch ac Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale t. However, when the licensing officer showed the last two cards, less than 15 square meters of card field sounded louder than laughing, playing in the window the sound of snow. The bald man clapped, bounced up from the chair: fuck you, Lao Tzu win! Bernard lost the night's results, $200 thousand. but the bald man will not know their own proud victory Bernard has long been calculated, nor that pure luck is winning ways to win the lowest Dezhou poker, with no contact. with the Nike camp headed by Durant, James and Kobe Bryant, a new generation of boots of the exposure and the offer, Jordan Brand seems to have started operation of its star endorsement shoes the. Recently, the Internet has exposed a Griffin, the latest generation of boots, Jordan Super.Fly 3 continues the SUPRE fly family, streamlined design, shoe body selection of large area breathable material to build, in the bottom is still matches the application of forefoot Zoom Flight plate, the shoe body used in shoe desig Cheap foamposites for sale n. The UV / fluorescence color gradient number 684933-615, the price of 1199 yuan. The shoes offer no specific information, we will continue to pay attention to. /〉Korean illustrator Jungyoun Kim's illustration style is unique and often integrated into the Sneaker culture, which is loved by everyone. This time he created a group of beings shoe exhibition on the "phenomena", let us enjoy it, to see if there is not a kind of person like you. is busy taking pictures to with Daikin chain around all, see the love of shoes almost tears ran APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! Today warriors win over Minnesota 12 game winning streak in the regular season, near the closing stages show the Super League team attitude, and Durant immediately embarked on a comeback soon, for playoff team is. Many fans believe Cheap air jordans for sale that warrior status so well, and one of the league's best player Durant will return array, red crown can be a trend which cannot be halted on the road, far from everyone want to be so simple. do you so soon forget Durant just missed when the warriors happened? From the beginning of March to leave Adu lost to the wizards, they in the next seven games lost five games, once out of the league position, curry and Green and other key players state downturn also criticized. The stage warriors slump, a very important reason is the team race under nervous breakdown is not tight enough, Adu was in, the warriors played relatively easily, every game of the regular season to play in mind. But when Adu was injured, the warriors attack affected, defense is less the most important piece of the puzzle, the need for a transition period of adjustment, so there is a wave of the seven battle lost five results. seven and five after the defeat, a warrior won 12 games, because they adjusted the mentali Cheap jordans online ty and mode of the original state, the regular season into the playoffs mode in advance, equivalent to the master sword unsheathed ahead. The library for the game significantly more input, the regular season is always pretend Iguodala also activates himself, and Green was on the defensive end all. As a result, while the warriors win constantly, the main players have influenced physical reserves. Remember last season to 73 wins the warriors goals lead to the regular season and the playoffs excessive force insufficient? Only this season the warriors won't repeat, but 12 major risks hidden behind the row indeed similar to last season.2016 is always full of surprises and expectations, Jordan Brand 2016 Holiday series is also preparing the holiday gift. in addition to the earlier exposure of Air Jordan 3, True Blue, Air Jordan 3, Cyber Monday and Air Jordan 11 Space Jam outside, it is reported that the following Air Jordan 6 Black Cat will join this cheerful lineup. now there is no other spy, opinion, this will become the highlight of the end of the year! some shops now sell a yellow / black gradient Lunar Force 1 Low, now it looks like more than one pair, but a series. Online exposure of black / red / yellow / black and blue gradient color of the local spy, offering tentatively at the end of 2013. Nike Sportswear recently launched a new luxury shoe leather equipment, to create top suede material with color processed slightly dim, is actually a dynamic element with vulc Nike classic shoes outsole combines up, thick rubber bottom some similar design of SB series, Nike Sportswear shoes is still relatively rare and unique style. have been exposed to a pair of Brand by Jordan to commemorate the tragic death of talented players and to create Benji Wilson Memorial Air Jordan 1, and now also to mark the player as the starting point, the exposure by the British design store design iLoveDust Nike Lunar Hyperdunk+ box set. The iLoveDust used similar color and uniforms of the "World Basketball Simeon high school Festival Nike Lunar Hyperdunk+" does not note the design basis, in the heel part of laser "BENJI", at the same time as the shoes had a custom engraved with the Benji Wilson related elements of the wooden box.We just reported the "POPEYE" magazine to create BEDWIN & amp; THE HEARTBREAKERS 2014 spring and summer style with, this time we bring the adidas Originals X BEDWIN & amp; THE HEARTBREAKERS 2014 spring and cooperation models. The sports brand and fashion brands want to crash, always give us surprises, launched the BW Desert Chukka, BW ZX500 mid, BW Loafer, BW CVS mid and BW Stan Smith 5 ?? shoes. With beige tone design, with the zipper and wave point elements. Easy to match the shoes to create a single product, it was very impressive.2016 MLB season officially started, New Balance has been in the baseball field an important presence. Overwhelmed by the inspiration from a rival Boston Red Sox team and the New York Yankees team, concepts for the creation of the "city RIVALRY" series, as the New York Yankees team representative of new balance 997 shoes, new balance 998 shoes as the Boston Red Sox on behalf of. New balance 997 (NY) shoes by the statue of liberty green as the main colors, and new balance 998 (Boston) is rust red and dark green, the familiar color combinations enable from Boston's famous Yawkey way. with fiery 20166 MLB season, believe that this concepts x new balance "city RIVALRY" joint series of also along with the popular. Which side are you fans? shoe section information 1:X NEW BALANCE CONCEPTS 997 (NY) release date: April 9th price: $240 purchase way: NYC Concepts store and online store shoe section information 2:X NEW BALANCE CONCEPTS 998 (BOSTON) release date: April 11th price: $220 purchase way: Cambridge Concepts stores in addition, if at the W Hotel opening date of arrival "spectacular" or "cool corner" the theme of the room, you will receive the two pairs of shoes! image source: sneaker