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dark gray color is always a Nike SportsWear flag of the classic presentation of, and air huarache is also series of its long history of masterpieces, overwhelmed, combine the two, bring a pair of WMNS earmark air huarache, dark gray color, choose black suede and mesh as a vamp flagship, and down with grey bottom closure likewise low-key, Poxian leisure fashion elements, shoes item 683818-004, part of the shop has shelves. source: Oneness with the arrival of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the national sports enthusiasm is unprecedented, and the sports industry is speeding up. Sports is becoming a popular leisure style. This means great opportunities for every sports brand. The personage inside course of study thinks, Beijing Olympic Games will become one of sports brand "Longmen"". jump if successful, companies will achieve leapfrog growth; Dragon flight, on the other hand, then escape the pool of fate. Reporters recently visited the sports consumer goods market found that the one or two and three line sports brands in the marketing strategy of great difference. As for who can laugh until the end, we can wait and see. sponsor top brands of events; launch an Olympic gamble; sports sponsorship has been the most benevolent sports brand marketing means, but due to the high cost, can attract millions of eyeballs the important events of the sponsorship has been rich international brands hold. : after spending a huge amount of sponsorship fees, Adidas beat its competitors and became Beijing Olympic Partner in one fell swoop. At present, Adidas's Olympic theme series of advertising?? by Hu Jia, Zheng Zhi, Sui Feifei, Chinese as the protagonist of the "2008 Women's volleyball team together, nothing is impossible, not only frequently appeared in the television station, is covered in Beijing, Shanghai city subway. One of the advertisements depicts the scenes of Chinese people as local athletes, which impress many people. in July 5th, Adidas opened the world's first brand central store in the prime section of the Sanlitun bar street in Beijing. The 3300 square meters of space, Adidas is said to be the world's largest Cheap foamposites for sale store, all new Adidas and its clover and Y-3 brands, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly Adidas sports shoes designed for the design of the Beijing Olympic Games?? "MadeforBeijing" so that each Chinese are full of excitement. Clearly, the German company, which has been lagging behind Nike in China, hopes to end its role as a pursuer in 2008 and find it first. compared with Adidas, although Nike is not the official partner of the Beijing Olympic Games, but the Olympic Games can not be less than the figure of Nike. In fact, Nike will not only Liu Xiang, Yi Jianlian and other Olympic hot runner to honor its flag, but also sponsored 28 major events in the 22 Chinese sports team. This means that by then, members of these teams will wear Nike sportswear to participate in the competition. It seems that with the curtain of the Olympic Games drawing near, the contest between these two international top sports brands will be intensified. &nb) the private economy of Wenzhou, which has been aptly called "puppy economy", has always been a hot topic, and its advantages seem too much to say. But when the line to Wenzhou in the country, has issued a different voice: the traditional "Wenzhou model" has been prematurely senile. The people of Wenzhou, whose cold water has been watered down by , are somewhat unconvinced. In fact, they themselves have already noticed that there is a congenital fatal flaw in the old economic form, and the people of Wenzhou begin to worry. by joining the "seminar on the Shanghai Jiangsu Zhejiang regional economic cooperation and development of Wenzhou private economic development forum held in Wenzhou, the reporter visited the day before the opportunity, some enterprises in Wenzhou and relevant experts, trying to explore the development process of this economic form and Wenzhou people's psychology. The family hasn't completely broken yet 99.9% of Wenzhou's enterprises are private enterprises, and almost all private enterprises begin with family system. Professor Zhou Dewen, Dean of Wenzhou Institute of management science, who has long been engaged in "Wenzhou mode" research, told reporters that the most Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale important reason for the drawbacks of Wenzhou's private economy in modern economic development came from property rights restriction. The biggest limitation of modern family management system lies in the exclusion of qualified personnel, and with the growth of enterprise scale, its disadvantages are becoming increasingly prominent. The family system also decided that the decentralized private enterprises were difficult to expand rapidly through joint reorganization, merger and shareholding system transformation. "family system" or not to break the question of Wenzhou has been plagued by private enterprises." Delixi Group General Manager Hu Chenghu told reporters: "however, family enterprise development, the first to break the family business. Only the road of modern enterprise system is the way out for family enterprises." Hu Chenghu admits that things are easier said than done, but when it comes to individual interests, they create contradictions and are very difficult to operate. This is the big development of enterprises in Wenzhou "Hom"". that's true. Another business reporter visited?? Juyi shoes group, the company has not jumped out of the family system framework. Since its establishment in 1989, the development process of China basically belongs to the zounanchuangbei marketing mode, although the giant is also aware of this traditional model is no longer in line with the trend, some companies began to prepare a joint merger, diversified operation, but these are not related to the change of equity. , President of the Wenzhou Economic Association and professor of economics at the Wenzhou University, told reporters that at present, Wenzhou's private enterprises really break down the family system of. He analyzed that there are three reasons: the development of private enterprises in Wenzhou more than 20 years of age, the entrepreneur is not the time to retire; culture and education in Wenzhou has been the development of weakness, not a good internal environment to attract foreign talent, talent is)After a successful Nike Sock Dart remodeling, overwhelmed by Teng Yuan Hao in charge of the fragment and the line of sight to the c Cheap air jordans for sale lassic Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid. The first appearance of the new red and grey suede leather by crafted, whether you love a more stunning design or love in the pursuit of low texture, can be met. 1.jpg (75.56 KB, download number: 0) download fragment X NikeLab Air Trainer 1 Mid 2015-5-21 upload 18:15 2.jpg (66.17 KB, download number: 0) download fragment X NikeLab Air Trainer 1 Mid 2015-5-21 18:15 upload open, classic, Nike, France, 00 eventsYesterday came from Shanxi Jianglong town government news, Pu Jin Village Hengchang zipper factory fire caused 4 dead and 3 injured in the tragedy (see the newspaper yesterday A7 version of the report), the preliminary reason is the department worker when welding improper operation, resulting in chemical explosion. At present, the factory has to raise 200 thousand yuan, of which more than 10 yuan to the hospital yesterday, an emergency from the Guangdong purchase of allogeneic skin, estimation of today and tomorrow, will be able to burn skin hospital workers. 4 identity of the deceased has been confirmed, the factory paid 1000 yuan for the deceased wife of Deng Shihe as the cost of living. Another dead plant one of the shareholders of Xu Shuqiao, handled by their relatives. In addition, the Longhu town government has contacted the relatives of the deceased, they will gradually arrived in Jinjiang, deal with the aftermath. Reasons: Chendai plan in China shoes, planning about 18480 square meters as a special area of hazardous chemicals business, to guide the management of dangerous chemicals enterprises stationed in the town, by the person responsible for safety management. 4 list of dead names: Wang Xiangzhen (wife of Yu civilization), worker, Zhejiang.)recently, from the United States classic running shoes brand Saucony launched its super popular shoes Shadow 6000 girls exclusive color. The classical type of shoes Shadow 6000 is modeled with purple, white and yellow tone color in the body of the shoe uppers, suede fabric and nylon fabric by surface covered with white and yellow iconic logo net surface embellishment, through the unique fine tailoring collocation line, the two cheap foamposites classic real outline the style of the king, and finally with Saucony exclusive shock absorption show. Fresh color matching with dazzling details, this Saucony Shadow 6000 girls exclusive color, is one of the summer into one of the products. Interested friends are now available at major designated stores. Not long ago in ? ACRONYM? X NikeLab Air Force the night before the sale of 1 Downtown NikeLab X158 in Shanghai, the door has been lined up, ready for a night Dunshou panic buying. If missed, price speculation can only spend more than 3000 of the time; then back to 2015, ACRONYM? X NikeLab Lunar Force 1 after the listing, second days or third days are also part of size and color can be bought, even if not in the shop, (then) plus a 2, 300 will be able to get. This change and sale of shoes can be no relationship, if Lunar Force 1 then the replenishment time, certainly is still booming, with the soaring price. ACRONYM? X NikeLab a gilded signboard worth more and more, in addition to the wave function of a strong boost, ACRONYM? Conceptual design itself is also essential: rear zipper Lunar Force 1 Air Presto Mid, vamp zipper, until the high tube + + Air Force 1 the zipper hasp Downtown. Basically can be summed up as follows: ACRONYM, the more exaggerated transformation, the more we like. Why is ACRONYM able to give machines and clothes the same "sense of precision"? You have to talk about the design team behind the scenes. The day before i-D in-depth visit ACRONYM headquarters? But this time the protagonist is not Errolson Hugh, but other ACRONYM team members, finally able to see the?? ACRONYM? "Full body". ACRONYM? Family photo, Errolson Hugh is not a fashion designer, at least from a traditional point of view. As a function of Berlin on behalf of ACRONYM? Man, he in the design process is more like artists, engineers and inventors, will affect the daily demand, technology and environment for people all into consideration. Also classic Nike Air Force 1 shoes into the military details and new material, ACRONYM x NikeLab Air Force 1 Downtown emerge as the times require. Errolson Hugh's action style has attracted many tal Cheap jordans online ents to join his team, and his pay and returns are completely proportional, which is the true sense of innovation. 〉this summer, NikeWomen announced that Selina officially joined the 2016 sports tour, inviting more people to enjoy the fun and positive energy with her. From the Chengdu Railway Station in April 29th, Selina then appeared at the ShangHai Railway Station. She ran, danced, and laughed loudly, lighting up the enthusiasm with energy and a smile. "tie your hair up as if you could go out and hit the world.". "." this time Selina Ren Selina (hereinafter referred to as S) is not only running the hard candy girl, honey to do more exercise happy sunshine, let us through the following simple interviews to understand the movement had a positive influence on what he and the people around. Q: about sports habits and frequency? Q: about scars and hurts? Q: with my sister, I joined the Nike+ Run Club Women S Half Marathon 2016 Taipei 10 km road running. What special episode did you have? Q:#MoveWithSelina experiencing feelings? Air Jordan 12 Retro GS' Hyper Jade 'Taiwan area will be sold at a particular store in July 2nd at a price of $4500. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. is the world intellectual movement source: Finish Line / Sole Collector as a retirement can have the endorsement of shoes superstar Charles Barkley, the Chuck Posite will launch his new style, the overall design is reminiscent of the Phoenix Suns color trend, foreign media also said that the style is' Concord '. Created by designer Marc Dolce Nike Chuck Posite is the biggest characteristic of the shoe body using Posite shoes material support and maintain space coating, cutting the vamp and the shoe geometric tether system is a major feature of the shoes made of this paragraph, foreign area is expected May sale price of $230. news source: nicekicks to the original spirit of the call to Adidas Originals, since August 15th global synchronous launch "all originals represent" from your orig Retro jordans for sale inal position annual TV advertising campaign, in addition to gathering from all walks of life star wellmeeting position, also through creative outdoor media collocation runaway vendetta Street head position business activities, in Taipei downtown in essence three leaves to create blue the most eye-catching Street landmark, declared the original spirit of the outbreak! in order to let more loyal Fans have the opportunity to stand at the original spirit, Adidas Originals issued a notice of the original invitation across the Taiwan, call adi-fans wellmeeting side friend, joined in September 14th (five) at 8:30 Neo in Taipei Studio Adidas Originals held 2012 annual brand - "all originals party" party, LED and rock material Daren Berlin Chan's original lineup of top collocation multinational DJ team - Japan electronic music Remix king "dream plastic machine" FPM (Tanaka Chino), Hongkong chief DJ Mi$$Yellow are female (Huang Yitong), and the Taiwan chief DJ Mykal a.k.a music trend index for the three leaf forest Zheyi, night show original brand attitude, but also enjoy the VIP service and receive a surprise gift, boiling mood hi turn all night! How does grab a group statement and join all originals party? step 1: join our original, by your statement! now since September 14th, on the Adidas Originals specified activity shop single spending 6000 yuan, you can get the "all originals party" invitation letter B step two: invite friends to ferret out the original team! must complete the above steps a to step two step two * [note] " invitation to send not only sell, each only a limited number of people B admission, send out so far. The specified shop recently? PUMA series of shoes a lot of girls use ribbon material, like the recent Cara Delevingne and Basket Heart cooperation? And other works, beautiful beautiful tone not only by the female friends attention, many men hate not his toes. A warm response caused by FENTY on PUMA By Rihanna following the last 17SS series after the second spring and summer clothing, shoes shoes on the former also has in the global market, including the elements of R698 and white satin and a pair of slippers, to Cheap foamposites for sale the author, the purple R698 and white slippers is expected in style, after all two tone large in spring and summer in the series, but the shallow sand color R698 was amazing, as published in the Rihanna leading fashion show color shallow sand only two sets of costumes, unexpected circumstances of particular impression. PUMA By Rihanna 17SS second and FENTY has clothing shoes in Taiwan to specify the PUMA shop sale, department store and pricing details can be consistent? PUMA? TW? Or PumaSelectTW? Fans?. source: Nice KicksThe buffer layer becomes thinner and more hard is to reduce energy loss in a professional oriented Nikelab Flyknit Racer. That is, the case of hard and soft breathable knitted upper right Phylon bottom, Zoom Air configuration to provide a comfortable dress collocation, and the shoe body is narrow long neat design by street enthusiasts love. In recent years, those who take the black as the main style always paid more attention to the Racer Flyknit, with a black line through the incorporation of wispy grey weave showing a staggered sense, dressed in black and gray only with tongue logo and midsole, and imprint reflective material in the heel on the pull ring, add fine Festival highlights. This pair of Nikelab grade shoes, the United States will be sold on SNKRS app in September 8th, priced at $150, the model is 526628-005. source: Sole Collector / Nike when the classic shoes hit the classic hero, what sparks will it be? This is Converse's classic shoes All Star 100th anniversary, and is just the Japanese animation since "Superman seven" premiered in 50th anniversary, this meaningful year, Japan launched a limited edition Converse All Star x Ultra Seven, the two teamed up to attack it. "Superman seven" is a Japanese yen Valley production company published in series, in Taiwan called "Ultraman" I believe we should be familiar with the Converse All Star design; double Superman No. seven is completely according to dress build, big red shoes with silver armor, insole printed on the Superman No. seven figure, and a special board shoe, Superman elements full, is definitely worth collecting two shoes fans. Look forward to further release of information publicly. source: HypebeastGood performance of Vince in the 2000 dunk contest with the feet of the Carter AND1 Tai Chi Mid? Become shoe fans in the classic, this year is the establishment of AND1 20th anniversary, the Japanese website released a Yamaotoko??? AND1 Tai Chi Mid is about to re engraved message from the current release intelligence will be red, blue, black and white on black three kinds of color, there is no specific release date and whether Japan limited sale, please shoes fans continue to pay attention to the follow-up information more. source: Yamaotoko? appeared as early as in LeBron become number one before, nike basketball has let us used in every year the NBA season before the start of the witness the latest LeBron, and brand in the series "as the best basketball player to create the best basketball shoes" concept also in James become alliance PA after more worthy of the name; today, nike basketball in Akron, the home of James as annual drama, officially released the new LeBron 13; detailed configuration of shoes, offering dates later offer. Source: NIKE with the continuous refinement of the market operation, the importance of the store is obviously, especially in the apparel industry, the store has long been the exclusive first endure! However, with the rapid development of franchised store channels, the market competition is extremely fierce, and the most significant is the means of promotion activities. the narrow promotion is in the established regional market, plus the sales of the brand, or on the existing basis for the promotion of personal sales. But the promotional content homogeneity serious: not discount is a gift, but also a fierce, you hit 20 percent off I hit 30 percent off; you buy 100 to send 60, I would buy 100 to send 100 and so on, and there is expression in each store entrance put a roll or paste in the window Poster, write the discounted 30 percent off or is this shop to buy 100 to send * *. What's more, many people simply think that promotion is just a few simple ways to give discounts and send things. so, we in the end how to make shoes store promotional activities? Everyone used promotional techniques are discounted, send things and so on, and often did not make any effect, the problem appears where? for this problem, the author has discussed with many business sales personnel, why do promotions? The answer is: 1, this time last year did the promotion; 2, to the holidays to do promotional activities; 3, unsalable inventory is too large; 4, the company has a number of backlog of cargo need treatment; 5, the company headquarters unified requirements to do so. The above phenomena show that business executives just do promotions according to inherent habits, but in fact did not understand or understand why to do promotion, so in this case leads to knowledge promotion but not knowing why it is so a variety of promotional marketing practices continue to imitate and abuse, and not according to their actual needs of the regional market to carry out the design of promotional activities, not to mention the effective results of reach. a good shoe store to carry out promotional activities, first of all have a clear purpose, why you want to do the promotion? Is to shape the brand? Or promotion? Or dealing with old products? Or create reputation, etc.. Different purposes, there are different ways of handling and performance. usually, promotional activities more common apparel industry has three purposes: 1, brand building; 2, development, consolidation of consumer groups; 3, inventory. 1; brand shaping. The main purpose of branding is to promote sales activities, usually by the company or region (region) unified planning, holidays) since April last year, when the European Union imposed anti-dumping duties, China's leather shoes exports have stabilized after a year of fluctuation. At yesterday's 101st Canton Fair, many leather shoes exhibitors told reporters, compared with anti-dumping, European guests about 15% decline, but the previous Canton Fair has been picked up. European passenger volume dropped back Zhou Yi, manager of the foreign trade department of Wenzhou Jilin shoes industry Co., Ltd., with a thick notebook in front of him. "These are all intended orders. We have almost signed a book."!" Speaking of this session of the Canton Fair European guests, Zhou Yi said the situation is OK, "last October at the Canton Fair, the European Union has just begun anti-dumping duties, the number of European guests is not ideal, to this year has increased."." Zhou Yi told reporters that the European Union was the main market for Gilda; the EU accounted for half of the $15 million in exports last year. After the imposition of anti-dumping duties, the old customers in Europe are still basically guaranteed to stay, and basically all of them are able to withstand the impact of anti-dumping duties. However, new customers from Europe to become more rare, a few days down a few. Therefore, Wenzhou Jierda is currently working to develop a diversified market, to America, Australia, Africa and Asia, in order to improve the market structure. "the shadow of EU anti-dumping" has covered several Canton fair. After more than a year of downward adjustment, European customers and orders have basically stabilized." Chengdu Aiminer leather products Co. Ltd, said, "our price may not be dropped." This is a game process, customers who can accept anti-dumping duties continue to do business, can not do business on the transfer of orders. She said that compared with the 2005 Canton Fair, European customers fell by about 14% before the EU launched anti-dumping investigations. Chengdu Aiminer export market in Europe and America, before the anti-dumping European market accounted for about 50%, now down to 30%. most of the exhibitors interviewed yesterday said that before the anti-dumping, European customers in the Canton Fair reduced by about 10% to 15%, but slightly higher than the previous session. Orders from Europe have fallen by 20%, according to a Wenzhou based business official. Chinese shoes enterprises to do semi-finished products in response to this situation, some enterprises began to consider adjusting product mix. The head of a leather product company in Chengdu said the company may switch to processing or semi-finished products to avoid trade barriers. This means)